Virtual Router Software

This is nothing new for IT geeks and people who works with computers, especially with laptops for last 10 years, and we know that we can change any wireless laptop into wireless router which other people can use it for internet connection. This solution is not widely recommended as it does not provide wireless security for users but sometimes you can approach situations when for relatively short time your laptop would be a perfect router.
Starting from Windows XP, through Vista, Seven and Eight sharing your internet connection was possible in your laptop but to do this you would have to leave the surface of your operating system and go deeper into advanced settings of your operating system to start it. If you never done and heard about it before this option was almost invisible.
This situation changed recently as more and more software developers started releasing software to give you this option with a two clicks from your computer desktop. Sounds very easy and practice confirms this with no doubts. I would like to introduce a software called Virtual Router 1.0.

With this link you can safely download and install this sofware to your laptop and change into a wireless router in a very convenient way for as long as you wish.

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