PC’s and Mac’s – hardware MOT

When you buy your new computer everything runs inside almost perfectly and you do not need to worry about any serious issue which you will face in future such as hard drive crashes, slower and slower computer performance and data loses. Your computer as every piece of technology created by human being, in this case, a manufacturer such as DELL, HP or Lenovo, for longer and reliable performance needs to pass certain kind of physical cleaning and adjustments.
Computers like cars, gas boilers and other home equipment, which you are using on daily bases, are getting older quite quickly and they work in different problematic conditions. Computers are electronic creations and for its optimal performance need certain optimal conditions which would be good to provide for long and non-problematic service. Their bigger enemies are heat, dust and water. Let’s talk about them:
Computers are electronic machines and they produce quite a lot of heat, which needs to be released from internal body of the box outside. The biggest heat producer is a computer processor called CPU and therefore there is a cooling fan on it. A few minutes of work without working cooling fan would fry your computer forever. The optimum working temperature for your computer is between 30 and 50 degrees of Celsius and this should be your maintenance aim for better cooling system. The physical sign that temperature is too high is automatic switching off your machine without any warning. Prolonging situation like this can completely burn internals of your computer and the only thing what you can do after final crash is to throw your machine to a rubbish bin.

  Computer internal fans, minimum one for laptops, works in the same way as your vacuum cleaner, absorbing cold and dusty air from outside and releasing hot steam of air from a processor outside. Dust has a tendency to stay inside attached to a ventilation crate and cumulates blocking an air stream.  After 2-3 years of everyday work inside your computer there is probably a layer of dust, which must be removed for safety and a better cooling purpose. Especially laptops are very vulnerable to dust and you must pay special attention to these machines .The physical sign for a cleaning need from dust is a loudly working cooling fan, no hot air steam outside.

If your computer had any sudden contact with any kind of liquid it must be switched off immediately and opened for drying purpose minimum 48 hours without any questions. Do not try to switch off your laptop to check if it is still working. This unfortunate trial might be the last time you will see your computer working at all. Especially laptops must be unplugged from electric power and the battery must be removed, as it is still a power source. There is one cheap way of removing water from computer – a bag of rice to which you put your computer for a few days. Rice grains have a very good feature – absorbing water.

If you are not familiar with dealing with these problems search for professional help and support.


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