If you a long term user a computer and you would like to try something new, more modern and up to day you need to make a decision what machine would be more suitable for your needs and with what equipment you would feel the most comfortable. Some people love laptops and tablets for their mobility and convenience of talking them wherever they go and some others prefer their desktops for their power and opportunity of upgrade whenever they want and wish.

So generally you need to answer three simple questions:

1)   Do I prefer mobility of laptops or do I value more the stability and power of desktops?

An opportunity to travel with your computer wherever you go with working around your house and not to be attached to one particular place in your home is very tempting and it is difficult to resist. Laptops and tablets are getting faster and powerful today but there are also bad points which you need to be aware such as: getting overheated, easiness to be destroyed or stolen and limited options to be upgraded – CPU, motherboard and graphic processor.

2)   What are my needs of computers – general usage such as word processing and surfing on the Internet or more specialist usage for music, gaming, video and designing?

Majority of computer users have absolutely basic needs and it is easy to buy a cheap and reliable machine, which would serve average user for minimum 4-6 years. Surfing the Internet, writing emails and letters, listening music and watching movies needs relatively small power of a machine. An average user does not need i7 Intel processor, the latest graphic card or SSD hard drive, which is reserved for more, sophisticated and specialized users.

3)   What is my budget and what price would be the most comfortable and affordable?

The average computer price for laptops or desktops circulates around £300-£400 and you should stick to it if you do not want to overpay. After this threshold, prices of computers are growing and you can expect something better than average. It is totally up to you how much you would like to spend for gaming, video and music editing. And at the end please remember whatever you buy remember to get an external USB hard drive as this is the most problematic and the most expensive area of your computer equipment.

If you know answers for these three questions you can start searching for the computer you would suite your needs. The most recommended way is doing your search on the Internet where all manufacturers put their offers. The choice is incredibly rich and almost unlimited. 

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