Overheated laptops and desktops

Overheating laptops

If you are a laptop user you probably notice that usually after two or three years of regular everyday work your machine becomes hotter, noisier and performs much slower than it was at the beginning of their mechanical life. Many people to avoid longer frustration consider buying a new laptop but you could spend much less to improve your laptop performance by cleaning a cooling fan of your laptop.
A very weak point of every laptop is its cooling system and there is not much to do to change this situation. A cooling system of each laptop is just a little or bigger fan working at the bottom of the machine absorbing and releasing air by ventilation entrance on the side. As time runs this fan becomes dirtier and must work much harder to cool a laptop to keep optimum temperature for its normal performance.
To significantly improve this situation with overheating of a laptop the fan and ventilation entrance must be cleaned and freed from dust. The only issue is that getting to a laptop’s fan is a bit complicated task and it is not recommended to anybody who never done or see it before.
In the root of this issue lays a very important fact that the cooling and ventilation fan becomes a very dirty place, full of dust and hair, which we can find in every house and working place. The cooling fan of a laptop works as a hoover and absorb every little parts, which flies in air. The more dusty places are laptops working the higher possibility that this place becomes very dirty. Not only fans become dirtier but also the ventilation entrance of any laptop is blocked buy dust.

     Please look at these pictures as examples of your hidden issues


How can you correctly estimate that your laptop qualify for fan cleaning? There are a few symptoms, which can tell you when the right time is:

§  After 10-15 minutes of work your laptop automatically switch off and you need to wait a few minutes to switch it back for repeating action
§  A body of a laptop becomes hotter and hotter after hour of work and you can successfully warm your hands during winter time
§  A laptop produces constant noise from inside which you can get used to but remember your laptop suppose to work very silently
§  A general performance of a laptop becomes slower and slower and there is no application or processes running at all

If you recognise any of these symptoms with your laptop it means that is time to search for professional help and support. After cleaning all this issues will disappear and your laptop will be ready for much longer service for you.

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