Setting up a Gmail Account for a new user

It sounds like something very obvious and normal for everybody who has some clue about the modern way of communication but this is the post for everybody who would like to learn something about setting up a Gmail Account

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Wireless Powerline to rescue your home network


Powerline is a marvellous human invention and bring relief especially to home and small office users who struggle with internet connection. And we can make one step further as on the technology market also appeared wireless powerline. Wireless powerline can help your wireless devices such as iPad, iPhones, tablets and laptops to connect to your home network without any concern with your internet router position and access.

Wireless Powerline needs two special kits which you plug into your existing electric network and after connection with your router you can significantly improve wireless internet signal around your house. The first plug you connect with a short cable with your router and put into your electric socket. Thanks to this action the internet signal is in your electric cable network. The second kit you plug wherever around the house to improve your wireless signal. The whole idea is to transfer the internet signal from your router to any place around the house through the electric cable and after start sending this in wireless form.

 It is not very complicated and significantly beneficial if you live in relatively big house with a few floors.There are a few suppliers on the market and the basic set of devices costs approximately £60-£80. If you still struggle with your wireless access just give us a call and we could help you.

ITBOXCS - THE BLOG: Powerline for everybody

ITBOXCS - THE BLOG: Powerline for everybody: POWERLINE When first time I heard about the POWERLINE technology I was simultaneously sceptical and curious. And the question on my mind -...

Powerline for everybody

When first time I heard about the POWERLINE technology I was simultaneously sceptical and curious. And the question on my mind - How this technology can help other people to solve their internet connection issues??? I watched a few videos on explaining how this solution works and as it is very simple solution I started putting this into everyday practice for my clients and customers almost straight away.

At the beginning it was much for spontaneous movement but after a few installation I understood exactly a few simple rules about it and now almost every client's house is checked by myself for this solution which can be very very beneficial.

What exactly is it? This solution uses electric cables which run around your house to transfer the internet signal from your router or modem to any place around your house where you can need to use your internet device. To make this happen you use at least two specially prepared plugs to which you connect shorter or longer ethernet cables and it simply works. Yes it is so simple. 

So your router can be placed at the bottom of your house and you can seat with your laptop or desktop on the second floor of your house in your room and enjoy full speedy signal of your internet connection as you would seat next to your router and use cable connection. The powerline has also WIRELESS option but this solution is double expensive than wired one. 

Every household and little office can benefit from this technology especially when the power of the router has a lot of limits.

Contact ITBox for free consultation and your house can be very friendly place for every internet user.

An external hard drive with your laptop

There is a tendency on the market to put into our laptops bigger and bigger hard drives to give us more powerful and robust computers and some unexperienced users are able to believe in this. Nowadays, almost every computer has a hard drive which is built from quite delicate mechanical and optical parts which move all the time.
Hard drives of our laptops and desktops are working almost all the time when our computers are switched on and it is quite complicated and vulnerable part of our machines. Probably even more delicate than our screens made from glass and plastic. 
We rely on them very much not knowing how easy is to destroy this process and how quickly our precious computer storage can be non-accessible to us.
This is why every time when we buy a new or a second hand computer we should always buy an external hard drive which would be our backup in case of unexpected problems. Instead of a big hard drive in a computer is better to buy a half smaller to spend the second part of the money for the external drive.
Remember, data recovery service is a bit expensive solution and definitely not recommended to anybody unless you must ...

How to change your slow computer into fast and useful tool

Have you ever noticed that during time, I mean months and years, your computer Windows or Mac has been slowing down in its performance and it takes much longer after switching the machine on to start working comparing to the first day when you brought your computer from shop when everything was working very fast and smooth. This could be a bit frustrating observation and experience and many users do not understand why it happens.

If you noticed this process that means that your machine needs some software and hardware cleaning to bring back your pleasure of dealing with your computer. The same cleaning like our houses, cars and shoes when you use them everyday for at least a few hours during 365 days during year.

This slowing down process happens every time to everybody and believe me, in most of the cases, with a little effort and understanding your computer can run much quicker and smoother again under your control. You don't have to buy a new computer or spend a lot of money to change this situation to solve these issues.

Just call ITBox - 0790 460 7745 and ask for Mark to arrange a free of charge consultation to investigate your computer issues.

A new advert on Harringay Online website

Yesterday, first time in my private business career, appeared an advert on a local community website which hopefully makes an ITBox Computer Services better known to local residents. This advert is not deadly serious and hopefully people which see this as something attractive and interesting amongst many computer service adverts which try to reliable and very very professional.
The author of this advert, definitely, has a specific sense of humour and now we could wait for first responses.
Have a good day everybody there

Ccleaner - software for everybody

About two years ago I was introduced to a small and non-complicated software created by a company Pitiform called CCLEANER. This software does wonderful job for every user of laptop or desktop with Windows or Mac system inside. But especially Windows users can benefit the most as their operating system are especially vulnerable and attractive to all the internet rubbish and free software which in many cases bring more problems than benefits.
Technically speaking this free software is about 3MB and after a few minutes including downloading and installation you can benefit from presence on your system.
Especially the most important function, in my opinion, of this software very visible in effects for the user is placed in TOOLS and STARTUP location to clean your operating system from completely unnecessary software which inattentively contribute into your computer starting process.

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