Wireless Powerline to rescue your home network


Powerline is a marvellous human invention and bring relief especially to home and small office users who struggle with internet connection. And we can make one step further as on the technology market also appeared wireless powerline. Wireless powerline can help your wireless devices such as iPad, iPhones, tablets and laptops to connect to your home network without any concern with your internet router position and access.

Wireless Powerline needs two special kits which you plug into your existing electric network and after connection with your router you can significantly improve wireless internet signal around your house. The first plug you connect with a short cable with your router and put into your electric socket. Thanks to this action the internet signal is in your electric cable network. The second kit you plug wherever around the house to improve your wireless signal. The whole idea is to transfer the internet signal from your router to any place around the house through the electric cable and after start sending this in wireless form.

 It is not very complicated and significantly beneficial if you live in relatively big house with a few floors.There are a few suppliers on the market and the basic set of devices costs approximately £60-£80. If you still struggle with your wireless access just give us a call and we could help you.

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