An external hard drive with your laptop

There is a tendency on the market to put into our laptops bigger and bigger hard drives to give us more powerful and robust computers and some unexperienced users are able to believe in this. Nowadays, almost every computer has a hard drive which is built from quite delicate mechanical and optical parts which move all the time.
Hard drives of our laptops and desktops are working almost all the time when our computers are switched on and it is quite complicated and vulnerable part of our machines. Probably even more delicate than our screens made from glass and plastic. 
We rely on them very much not knowing how easy is to destroy this process and how quickly our precious computer storage can be non-accessible to us.
This is why every time when we buy a new or a second hand computer we should always buy an external hard drive which would be our backup in case of unexpected problems. Instead of a big hard drive in a computer is better to buy a half smaller to spend the second part of the money for the external drive.
Remember, data recovery service is a bit expensive solution and definitely not recommended to anybody unless you must ...

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