Powerline for everybody

When first time I heard about the POWERLINE technology I was simultaneously sceptical and curious. And the question on my mind - How this technology can help other people to solve their internet connection issues??? I watched a few videos on YouTube.com explaining how this solution works and as it is very simple solution I started putting this into everyday practice for my clients and customers almost straight away.

At the beginning it was much for spontaneous movement but after a few installation I understood exactly a few simple rules about it and now almost every client's house is checked by myself for this solution which can be very very beneficial.

What exactly is it? This solution uses electric cables which run around your house to transfer the internet signal from your router or modem to any place around your house where you can need to use your internet device. To make this happen you use at least two specially prepared plugs to which you connect shorter or longer ethernet cables and it simply works. Yes it is so simple. 

So your router can be placed at the bottom of your house and you can seat with your laptop or desktop on the second floor of your house in your room and enjoy full speedy signal of your internet connection as you would seat next to your router and use cable connection. The powerline has also WIRELESS option but this solution is double expensive than wired one. 

Every household and little office can benefit from this technology especially when the power of the router has a lot of limits.

Contact ITBox for free consultation and your house can be very friendly place for every internet user.

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